Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Re: GWT and SVG, the 125th... :-)

Hi Alain,
I understand that you fetch all the JS code with the method getJsObj() and pass it to the method setupMap. So I believe that setupMap will embed the JS code into the div element.
But what exactly is going on there?
(I do not know the Maps API):
private native void setUpMap(Element div, JavaScriptObject mapOptions)/*-{
var map = new $, mapOptions);
this.@com.emitrom.pilot.maps.client.GMapWidget::map = @com.emitrom.pilot.maps.client.GMap::new(Lcom/google/gwt/core/client/JavaScriptObject;)(map);
 It looks like an object is created and put somewhere...
What would you do if the div were my FlowPanel p (see above) and the map were the draw object (see above)?
Where is the equivalence of p.add(draw)?

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