Monday, February 24, 2014

Re: Encrypted Alert message

Thanks for your answer Jens, I am new to GWT so I don't know if my next question is doable or not.  From logs I can see that the service is still running on the server after I get the alert message. So when I detect this error can I go back and restart another callback that will wait again for the original RPC to finish. If this is possible can you give me a high level idea on how it would be done.  Thanks for your help.

On Monday, February 24, 2014 10:24:46 AM UTC-7, Jens wrote:
TLS defines the alert protocol and alert code 21 means "Decryption failed", see:

Quoting wikipedia: 

"This record should normally not be sent during normal handshaking or application exchanges. However, this message can be sent at any time during the handshake and up to the closure of the session. If this is used to signal a fatal error, the session will be closed immediately after sending this record, so this record is used to give a reason for this closure. If the alert level is flagged as a warning, the remote can decide to close the session if it decides that the session is not reliable enough for its needs (before doing so, the remote may also send its own signal)."

So it can happen at any time. I guess you have to check log files (maybe increase log level) and maybe its worth a try to check if other TLS alerts are send before code 21 occurs. Might gives you hints about whats going wrong.

From a GWT point of view you can not do anything about it. You can only create a new connection to the server but that does not solve your problem.

-- J.

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