Friday, February 28, 2014

How to align Center the Component inside a Tab of a TabLayoutPanel in UiBinder (GWT)?

in ui.xml

<g:TabLayoutPanel barUnit='EM' barHeight='3'>    <g:tab>      <g:header size='7'><b>Income</b></g:header>      <g:Label>Income</g:Label>    </g:tab>    <g:tab width="100%">      <g:header size='7'><b>Cost</b></g:header>      <g:HTMLPanel ui:field="costHTMLPanel" addStyleNames="{style.alignCenter}" />    </g:tab>    </g:TabLayoutPanel>  

myResource.css file

.alignCenter{      align:center;  }  

I put width="100%" into tab <g:tab width="100%"> but it didn't work.

I also tried <g:HTMLPanel ui:field="costHTMLPanel" addStyleNames="{style.alignCenter}" width="100%" /> but it also didn't work

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