Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Re: GWT and SVG, the 125th... :-)


I have a minimal example now, see below.
I included the JS code as a ClientBundle and also called injectScript:

public class SampleLoader
 public void injectScript()
         String raw = SampleAssetsBundle.instance.myScript().getText();
         ScriptElement e = Document.get().createScriptElement();

To test it, I use this method:

private static native Element testSVG ()
 var draw = SVG('drawing')
 var text = draw.text('SVG.JS').move(300, 0)
          family: 'Source Sans Pro'
        , size: 180
        , anchor: 'middle'
        , leading: 1

 return (draw);  

But when call testSVG I get the following error: (ReferenceError) @wgp.client.lib.GraphicsPanel::test()([]): SVG is not defined

When looking at the svg library (, the method "SVG" should be included, but I cannot find it within the JS file.

So I actually don't know if it is not found for some reason, or doesn't exist or whatever.

What can I do next?


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