Thursday, February 27, 2014

Re: GWT and SVG, the 125th... :-)

Working example:

public class SvgEntryPoint implements EntryPoint {      public class SvgWidget extends Widget {        public SvgWidget() {        setElement(Document.get().createDivElement());        // SVG library should draw inside the widget's container element        drawExample(getElement());      }        private native void drawExample(Element container) /*-{        var draw = SVG(container)          // Must be used if JS is injected to top window, see below.        // var draw = $wnd.SVG(container)          draw.text('SVG.JS')      }-*/;      }      public interface MyBundle extends ClientBundle {      @Source("svg.min.js")      TextResource svgJs();    }      public void onModuleLoad() {      MyBundle bundle = GWT.create(MyBundle.class);      // Injects JS code into the GWT iframe. SvgWidget.drawExample() can use SVG() then.      ScriptInjector.fromString(bundle.svgJs().getText()).inject();          // Injects JS code into the top level window. Now SvgWidget.drawExample() MUST use $wnd.SVG()      // to reference the top level window. Only calling SVG() would mean to call it on the GWT iframe      // to which the JS code has never been injected to.        //ScriptInjector.fromString(bundle.svgJs().getText()).setWindow(ScriptInjector.TOP_WINDOW).inject();        RootPanel.get().add(new SvgWidget());    }    }

-- J.

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