Friday, February 28, 2014

Extending the life of DevMode


I understand that DevMode is disappearing, I think, this year.  I think this is largely due to browser vendor (Chrome/google) termination of support of the/a GWT DevMode plugin.  I also understand the existing SuperDevMode is what we are all likely to move to.  I also sense that DevMode is preferred by many or most people.

It seems to me that the life of DevMode can be significantly extended by simply downloading and saving a Chrome installation and DevMode plugin that currently work.  Therefore, when Chrome stops supporting DevMode and the Chrome plugin disappears, we can simply install the version of each that supported DevMode.

This may not be such a bad option since many developers target support for older browsers, testing in one that is a little older is not a bad option.  I understand that this scheme has a usefulness termination date, but that date is significantly in the future - perhaps several years.   Certainly by then SuperDevMode (or whatever) will have significantly matured.

To that end, I have downloaded current installation bundles of Chrome for several platforms.  I am, however, having some difficulty obtaining a download (and not an install) of the DevMode plugin for Chrome.  Does anyone know how to download, for later installation, of the Chrome DevMode plugin?


Blake McBride

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