Monday, February 24, 2014

Re: Encrypted Alert message

Thanks for your answer Jens, I am new to GWT so I don't know if my next question is doable or not.  From logs I can see that the service is still running on the server after I get the alert message. So when I detect this error can I go back and restart another callback that will wait again for the original RPC to finish. If this is possible can you give me a high level idea on how it would be done.  Thanks for your help.

That will only work if your server processes your requests asynchronously and immediately hands out a taskId to the client on the first request. Then the client can regularly check if a given task (identified by a taskId) on a server is already done or not.

BUT you should really fix your configuration error instead of changing your server implementation unless you want the above behavior anyways. 

If your problem always occurs after 1 minute then it is most likely that you hit some kind of a timeout that you can probably configure to your needs. 

-- J.

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