Sunday, January 30, 2011

Re: HelloMVP sample in GWT 2.2M1 - error

Thanks for reply Thomas.

Am in Eclipse for Java EE and I didn't compile them separately as i
believe Eclipse will take care of it automatically when i run as Web

This is what i did,

a. Had a maven project, '../target/app-name' as war output directory
(ran mvn war:war to copy all static resources from 'src/main/webapp'
b. Right click and Run/Debug the project as Web Application
c. Since it's hosted mode, it seems to generate some folders with
'.nocache.js' files in '../target/module-name/*.nocache.js'
d. It goes into Entry Point class and throws above mentioned exception
and exits.

Can you tell me where i need to look for classes to be present; in WEB-
INF/classes? If so, will check and let you know.

btw, am also not clear about the exact flow. If you 'GWT compile', it
will generate .js files to use in production, fine. But what about
hosted mode? It again seems to generate some .js files as i mentioned
above (we also seem to reference this in hosted html page). Does it
use that .js file as a start point and once you modify the client
code, does it regenerate needed stuff automatically and plumb it to
browser via the GWT browser plugin that we install, once we press F5/
refresh in browser?
If so, why we need client classes as .class files? Excuse me if this
is trivial.

Thanks again,

On Jan 31, 4:59 am, Thomas Broyer <> wrote:
> Have you compiled you classes (I mean "javac", producing *.class files) and
> are those classes in your classpath?

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