Monday, January 31, 2011

Announcing GWT-Platform 0.5

We just released version 0.5 of the GWT-Platform framework:

GWTP is one of the most popular MVP framework for GWT and is being
used in many production applications. It sports a simple annotation-
based API that makes it very easy to design web apps with nested
views, tabbed presenters, history support, and many other features.
Native support for code splitting and lazy loading ensures your app
loads very quickly even if you have a large number of presenters.

GWTP also includes a command pattern, annotation processors to
generate tedious GWT boilerplate, as well as a component to simplify

Highlights of release 0.5 include:
* Full support for Spring in the serveer-side dispatcher
* Client-side queuing, caching and handling of commands
* User-customizable tabs for tabbed presenters
* Now using the GWT 2.1 event bus (More use of GWT 2.1 MVP classes
coming soon...)

I hope you enjoy this release! Don't hesitate to join us on the GWTP



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