Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Firefox ONPASTE: Get the text to be pasted?

Thanks for posting this!  Very helpful!  I did variation on the theme. 

I created a class called XTextBox (and XTextArea) which catches the ONPASTE and then fires the ValueChangedEvent. This is useful because all I need to do is call the textBox.addValueChangeHandler(aHandler)  in my presenter class. 

public class XTextBox extends TextBox  {

    public XTextBox() {
     * Catch ONPASTE and re-throw it as a ValueChangeEvent
    public void onBrowserEvent(Event event) {
        switch (event.getTypeInt()) {
            case Event.ONPASTE: {
                String newValue = null;  // get the pasted value here!!!
                this.setValue(newValue, true);


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