Sunday, January 30, 2011

GWT 2.1.1 EditorFramework CellList editor using SimpleBeanEditorDriver and JSON help...

Hi everyone,
I can't manage to make editing of CellList using
SimpleBeanEditorDriver. I tried everything and now looking for some
help, and guidelines.

I am trying to create view that will display two text fields and one
CellList widget that will display some Labels.

I managed to create editor for text fields, but can't manage to create
editor for CellList. Here is my code...
/* Basic object that need editor */
public class Module {
private int id;
private String name;
private String description;
private List<Label> fields;

(getters and setters methods)

/* Basic interface that editor will use */
public interface ModulesDetailView extends IsWidget, Editor<Module> {
IsEditor<ValueBoxEditor<String>> getNameEditor();

IsEditor<ValueBoxEditor<String>> getDescriptionEditor();

/* This is a part where i have problems */
IsEditor<ListEditor<Label, Editor<Label>>> getFieldsEditor();

/* View Implementation */
public class ModulesDetailViewImpl implements ModulesDetailView {

private static ModulesDetailViewImplUiBinder uiBinder =
private final HTMLPanel moduleDetailPanel;

@UiField TextBox name;
@UiField TextBox description;
@UiField(provided=true) CellList<Fields> fields = new
CellList<Fields>(new AbstractCell<Fields>(){

public void render(Context context,
Fields value, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {
AbstractCell<String> c = new EditTextCell();
c.render(context, value.getName(), sb);


interface ModulesDetailViewImplUiBinder extends UiBinder<HTMLPanel,
ModulesDetailViewImpl> {

public ModulesDetailViewImpl() {
moduleDetailPanel = uiBinder.createAndBindUi(this);

public Widget asWidget() {
return moduleDetailPanel;

public IsEditor<ValueBoxEditor<String>> getNameEditor() {
return name;

public IsEditor<ValueBoxEditor<String>> getDescriptionEditor() {
return description;

/* implemented method from interface (this is where I stuck)*/
public IsEditor<ListEditor<Label, Editor<Label>>> getFieldsEditor() {
return null;

As you can see from comments in code, i am having problem with
defining method for getting editor for CellList. Currently method
getFieldsEditor is completely wrong, as i tried various things, but
without success. I have logic that gets object from server, populate
Module object, and populate name and description, but can't manage to
populate CellList with list of retrieved data.

I am using JSON and SimpleBeanEditorDriver as my code on server is

Thanks for time reading this, and thanks any help.

Milan Cvejic

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