Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Found an inconsistent behaviour in GWT Expenses Roo application: Master-Detail Activities-Places becoming out of Sync !

On 1/31/2011 1:11 PM, Thomas Broyer wrote:

if we bookmark place employee/777
when navigating to place employee/777 for the first time from bookmark,
how can the master activity which contains a continuous scrolling table/list,
highlight employee with id 777 in the list, when in fact the continuous scrolling list
presents only an X number of items initially, and load the rest on demand ?

That's exactly why I said there would still be "issues". That one is a non-issue though if you ask me: in this case, just do not attempt at selecting/highlighting the employee if it's not in the list; I don't think users will even notice.

I was looking at this issue  because I have a very, very large data set to explore (maybe 10,000's of rows) and was considering that the initial fetch would be "around" the requested ID - eg in zixzigma's example employe/777 would fetch employees 750 - 800 (say). This means that the list must be capable of expanding both forwards and backwards (towards the 0th element) but I can't see any reason why thats not workable. Am I wrong?



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