Sunday, January 30, 2011

CellTable does not take us to the correct page when using selectionModel.setSelected

I have a CellTable displaying a list of items.
this table has a SimplePager.
I have defined a SingleSelectionModel for this CellTable.

when I want to select an item, i use   selectionModel.setSelected(item, true);
this works fine.

however there is an inconsistent behaviour in the following situation:

- we are selecting an item in response to an event,
- CellTable is in a page other than the one the item is located.
- calling selectionModel.setSelected causes the item to be selected,
 BUT  Celltable does not move to the correct page containing the selected item.

for example, in response to PlaceChange Event, I want to select an item in the CellTable,
using selectionModel.setSelected, I can select the item,
 but doing so does not take me to the correct page containing the item.
for example, I might be in page 7, when in fact the selected item is in page 4.

in other words, selectionModel.setSelected works fine only if we are remaining in the same page of CellTable.
if we change pages, setSelected, selects the item, but we remain in another page.

do you know how we can fix this problem ?
forcing selectionModel.setSelected, to not only select the item, but force the CellTable to move to the page containing the item.

I greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank You

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