Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: GWT Support Options and Quality

in my experience,
support has been fantastic.
if the question is complex that developers cannot answer,
google experts weigh in.

as for GWT being used for mission critical systems,
many of Google applications , are built using GWT. maybe others can name the specific app.
I know of Google Wave and Ad-words if I am not wrong.

and GWT is a client-side technology, taking care of User Interface and User Experience,
with GWT you can create a very highly interactive application which is pleasant for users to work with,
however the mission critical parts often happen on the server, and it is not related to GWT.

in terms of UI widgets, still there is work in progress by Google to develop enterprise-class widgets,
for example complex grids. you can look into Ext-GWT or SmartGWT for those widgets,
and Google own GWT widgets are catching up. there are Table, Tree widgets, but advanced features are expected
to come in future releases I believe.

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