Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Generated Maven pom.xml does not add GWT project natures

Just curious ... can't you just right click on the pom.xml and then
select Run As and use gwt:run as the goal?

On Jan 17, 4:13 am, Luca Morettoni <> wrote:
> 2011/1/2 Cheng Lee <>:
> > Hi GWT gurus,
> > I'm generating an Eclipse project using webAppCreator. The project is
> > created but thepom.xmldoes not contain the appropriate GWT project
> > nature, meaning the application can't be launched as Web Application
> > because the "Project does not use GWT or GAE". The usual sequence to
> > launch the app by right clicking the "project root -> Run As -> Web
> > Application" is not available since it's not a GWT project.
> you could check here:
> and about the debugging phase you can read the generated README.TXT
> file under your project subdir...
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> gtalk/msn: luca(AT) |
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