Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Found an inconsistent behaviour in GWT Expenses Roo application: Master-Detail Activities-Places becoming out of Sync !

On Monday, January 31, 2011 7:43:19 PM UTC+1, zixzigma wrote:
1- so all the effort that goes into creating a Bookmarkable and Navigable Master/Detail Activity goes to waste ?

Er, why?
It's a) an implementation choice (dictated by "ease of implementation" here) and b) it would be no different using something else than activities.

(that being said, I doing quite like master/detail views when it comes to web apps)
2- what is the point of using Activity/Places to create this Master/Detail scenario, if it is not going to function properly ?

It depends on your definition of "properly", and is not tied to the use of Activity/Places AFAICT.

(the Expenses sample does it some way, there are alternatives, and probably one would fit your requirements, provided they are clearly defined and, to begin with, feasible)
3- can you think of a User Experience that says it is ok for Master/Detail activities to be out of sync ?

Well, actually, yes: as soon as you go to the "next page" while some item is displayed they are "out of sync", so why should we expect it to rollback to "some specific page" when going back to a previously seen item?

(but as I said, I don't quite like master/detail views, they don't work well with on the web IMO; and o course they don't work well with paging; at least something like "continuous scrolling", à la Google Reader, "new" Google Groups, or Twitter, would work much better)
4- do you think end-users, management, or non-gwt developers would consider this an acceptable implementation ?

Probably not, but if it wasn't part of their requirements then they are at fault, not you, so you can sleep in peace ;-)

can something be done to fix this ? some workable solution ? : (

As I was writing the above, it came to my mind that the issue is paging. Remove paging, replace it with "continuous scrolling" (which can be implemented with a Pager too,and I'm sure the GWT team provided some sample code somewhere) and it all goes much better !
(not necessarily without issue, but less issues at least, as you wouldn't "forget" about items when changing pages)

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