Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Found an inconsistent behaviour in GWT Expenses Roo application: Master-Detail Activities-Places becoming out of Sync !

On Monday, January 31, 2011 8:23:01 PM UTC+1, zixzigma wrote:
Thank You : )

your post gave me some comfort : )

Yes, the problem is related to paging, and not necessarily activity/places.
as for your opinion of master/detail,
I think it is a shame to not take advantage of the fact that we can
display master/detail side by side, without a full page reload,
something that was not possible with traditional webframework,
and is nearly possible now with AJAX/GWT, only if there comes a solution
to implement the paging correctly.

Neither GMail nor "new" Google Groups or Facebook (messages) display master/detail side by side. Yahoo! Mail only displays a preview and switches to a "full screen" view when you really "open" it (but Yahoo! Mail doesn't do "navigation" well wrt browser history).
#NewTwitter's master/detail is done in such a way that it has neither the look nor the feel of master/detail (so it doesn't integrate with the browser's history, that's part of the UX they wanted)
Hotmail defaults to no master/detail, and when you enable it, it looks like it's just a preview (like in Yahoo! Mail), but again, like Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail doesn't integrate with the browser's history (in this case, its not even AJAX, ASP.NET postbacks all along :-( )
regarding your suggestion on using "continuous scrolling",
I am going to investigate that now, and I believe it will work,
however my concern is this,
lets say we have a list of employees with continuous scrolling,
and next to it, we show detail of employee, when one employee is selected from the list.

if we bookmark place employee/777
when navigating to place employee/777 for the first time from bookmark,
how can the master activity which contains a continuous scrolling table/list,
highlight employee with id 777 in the list, when in fact the continuous scrolling list
presents only an X number of items initially, and load the rest on demand ?

That's exactly why I said there would still be "issues". That one is a non-issue though if you ask me: in this case, just do not attempt at selecting/highlighting the employee if it's not in the list; I don't think users will even notice.

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