Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Found an inconsistent behaviour in GWT Expenses Roo application: Master-Detail Activities-Places becoming out of Sync !

1- so all the effort that goes into creating a Bookmarkable and Navigable Master/Detail Activity goes to waste ?
2- what is the point of using Activity/Places to create this Master/Detail scenario, if it is not going to function properly ?
3- can you think of a User Experience that says it is ok for Master/Detail activities to be out of sync ?
4- do you think end-users, management, or non-gwt developers would consider this an acceptable implementation ?

I had thought about the solutions you suggested, but as you mentioned, the question is how to find the "page" containing the item ?
it is possible to keep a mapping of item's (id, row, and page number) in a map, and use that to set the correct page,
but this doesnt work if more records are added, and item falls into another page, or when the list activity is started for the first time,
and our map is not populated yet.

One possible solution would be for the CellTable to move to the "page" containing the item, when selectionModel.setSelected is called.
I have asked a similar question here:!topic/google-web-toolkit/xA2oNW6KiJo

can you please give your thoughts on the questions I asked at the beginning of "this" post ?
unfortunately my view when it comes to those questions, are mainly negative,
I think that if Master/Detail activities are not going to be properly bookmarkable/navigable,
what is the point of implementing them using Activity/Places ? and that all the effort going to waste : (

can something be done to fix this ? some workable solution ? : (

Thank You

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