Sunday, June 19, 2016

Unable to access exported JsType from JavaScript

Hi everyone,
I am trying to port my CPU simulator from Java to Javascript, and I am using GWT for it. Thanks for the awesome work!

I'd like to just expose a single Java object to JS, and then build the UI using HTML/CSS/<JS framework du jour>. To do so, I think I need to use JsInterop, right?

I am trying to do so, without success.

My code ( compiles to JS and I can see the code running and producing output in the Chrome console. However, I can't find a way to access the WebUI.runAndGetRegisters() method from the Chrome console. Once that works, I can set up a better interface between JS and Java, but first I'd like to be able to execute one single method.

Given my current use of JsType, under what name should I be able to run the WebUI.runAndGetRegisters() method?

Thanks in advance,

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