Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Re: Feature Detection

Op dinsdag 21 juni 2016 20:38:44 UTC+2 schreef Thomas Broyer:
What about laptops with touch screens? (Surface, Chrome Pixel, etc.) Maybe the user will use the mouse primarily in those? Maybe not?

I seem to remember that touch-enabled couldn't be detected, because one could also just plug a touch screen to the device while the browser is open (and a page loaded!)
So this is likely to generate a lot of false positives.

I indeed forgot to mention.
What I posted just detects if it is a mobile device or not. Detecing a touch screen is impossible. Like thomas said, touch screens with mouse, or dual screens with 1 touch and 1 normal screen, ....

If some of your users are using a touch screen, than design your webapp in such a way that all information is available, also when using a touch screen.

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