Friday, June 17, 2016

construct image from Serverside to client side in GWT

Hello all,

my requirement is an image getting from server to GWT client.

from the client side, I send a message through AsyncCallBack method and the server response Serializable byte[] object. when getting this object,  I am parsing as String object. but the image could get.

the steps i followed

1.client side  Asynccallback method is

CommandMessage msg = new CommandMessage(itemId, "get-image-data");

cmain.ivClient.execute(msg, new AsyncCallback<ResponseMessage>() {

                public void onFailure(Throwable caught) {
                    //add(new Label("Problem in Getting Map"));


                public void onSuccess(ResponseMessage result) { 
                        here I am getting is "data:india/png;base64,parsedString"     
                        Image image = new Image(;

                        canvas.add(image);                        //but I could not getting Image

2. parsing the byte[] object from serverside

    public cti.gwtdemo.client.rpc.ResponseMessage execute(cti.gwtdemo.client.rpc.CommandMessage commandMessage) throws Exception {
        cti.item_system.CommandMessage cmdMsg = CVT(commandMessage);
        cti.gwtdemo.client.rpc.ResponseMessage rsMsg = CVT(getItemService().execute(cmdMsg));
        byte[] bytes = (byte[]);
        String base64 =;
//here converting process
        String[] s = rsMsg.args[0].split(" ");
        s[0] = s[0].replace(".", "/");               // the string s[0] contains image name with type ie india.png and i replaced as india/png"data:"+s[0]+";base64,"+base64;                                      //"data:images/png;base64," + base64; ---------------------> Actually I stuck here.  ( As per mentioned in )
       (in now contains ......... "data:india/png;base64, parsedString")
         return rsMsg;

 protected cti.item_system.CommandMessage CVT(cti.gwtdemo.client.rpc.CommandMessage cm) {

        return new cti.item_system.CommandMessage(cm.itemId, cm.command, cm.args,;   //Server Side data

    protected cti.gwtdemo.client.rpc.ResponseMessage CVT(cti.item_system.ResponseMessage rm) {

        return new cti.gwtdemo.client.rpc.ResponseMessage(rm.command, rm.itemId, rm.result, rm.args,; //after getting data it set to client side

please Help me, and  what stands for "data:images/png;base64," + base64;

Thanks in Advance

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