Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Advice for implementing a messaging system


I want to implement a messaging system for my application. My application has users, who connect based on a username and password. I want to make them able to send messages one to another.
I would like to know what ways/steps how this could be implemented.

For now I only got one ideea, which is the following:
Every user can see a list with the rest of the users. I would add a button next to the user, and when that button will be clicked, a new panel will open where the user is typing the message.
I was thinking to insert every message in a DB table, with columns like "source", "destination", "date" ... The one who sends is the source, and the one who recieves is the destination, and based on that each user can see what he recevied and what he send.

Are there any other ways to implement this ? 

P.S: I once saw something of Errai. How can Errai be used in order to implement this ? How is that different ?

Thanks in advance,

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