Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Re: GWT-2.8-SNAPSHOT jar questions

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 6:42:11 AM UTC+2, Hristo Stoyanov wrote:
Hi all,
 I have a couple of questions regarding GWT 2.8 SNAPSHOT:

1. Why am I picking up  tons of jetty libraries for doing a simple gwt compilation? I could understand the need for the Jetty jars, if I was running the code server, or including the servlet library, but just for compilation...? Seems like this is coming from the gwt-dev.jar?

Jetty is needed by CodeServer and DevMode (which is used as the basis for the JUnitShell for running GWTTestCases), all of them are inside gwt-dev.jar (yes, gwt-codeserver.jar is absolutely useless, all its classes are in gwt-dev.jar since GWT 2.7 at least) so Jetty is a dependency of gwt-dev.jar, even though it's not always being used.
If you never use the above, then you can safely exclude them:

dependencies {
  gwtSdk('') {
    exclude group: 'org.eclipse.jetty'


configurations {
  gwtSdk.exclude group: 'org.eclipse.jetty'

2. When is the validation api in GWT 2.8 going to be upgraded to 1.1.0.Final? Other libraries are forcing a dependency upgrade, which results in this mess:

Those "other libraries" are likely not related to GWT, so it should be easy to get 1.0.0.GA for GWT and 1.1.0.Final for the server side.
Using gwt-gradle-plugin, that'd likely be:

configurations.gwt {
  resolutionStrategy {
    force 'javax.validation:validation-api:1.0.0.GA'

As for the first part of the question: whenever someone will roll up his sleeves and pick the task (without abandoning in the last miles, as we've seen before).
See and
I think that, by the next version, we might try to remove javax.validation support from GWT altogether, other than a few supersourced classes for backwards compatibility (ConstraintViolations are used by EditorDriver, and many widgets depend on the Editor Framework, so unless we split the Editor Framework in 2 –which BTW seems entirely possible– this is a transitive dependency of

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