Monday, June 13, 2016

Re: Newbie Help - how to retrieve data from another website?

On Monday, June 13, 2016 at 9:40:34 AM UTC+2, Hans Dampf wrote:
Hi everyone,

opening an URL like returns a XML-file. I don't have access to the server.
Now i am trying to receive this data and give it out in my gwt-app.
I have tried modifying the code from this tutorial : but i failed miserably.
Can anyone kindly give me a hint on what to implement / how to do it properly in order to read the XML and put its content in an object that i can modify / give out in my gwt-app?
Thanks in advance!

If the other server sends CORS headers in the response, then you can just use XMLHttpRequest or RequestBuilder:
Otherwise, you'll have to make the request from your server (acting as a proxy) to workaround the same-origin policy.
JSON-P, despite what its name suggests, is simply about retrieving a JavaScript and having it executed in the current web page using a <script> tag; so it (obviously) won't work for XML.

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