Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SimplePanel can only contain one child widget

When i run the following Code and push Button "Push", more than once a time, i get browser error "simplePanel can only contain one child widget". How can i solve that problem? thank you in advance! Jogi

public class Projekt implements EntryPoint {        private RootPanel rootPanel;        public void onModuleLoad() {            rootPanel = RootPanel.get("gwtContainer");          rootPanel.setSize("1902", "868");             final AbsolutePanel boundaryPanel = new AbsolutePanel();           boundaryPanel.setStyleName("frame1");           boundaryPanel.setSize("1455px", "600px");                    final Diagram diagram = new Diagram(boundaryPanel);             RootPanel.get().add(boundaryPanel, 446, 242);               final Connector con = new Connector(100, 300, 300, 500);             Button la = new Button("Push");           la.setSize("200", "200");           RootPanel.get().add(la);             Button la2 = new Button("Push2");           la2.setSize("200", "200");           RootPanel.get().add(la2);             final Image img = new Image("images/concrete.svg");           img.setSize("200", "200");               final Shape shapei = new Shape(img);               Image img2 = new Image("images/variable.svg");           img2.setSize("200", "200");           boundaryPanel.add(img2, 200,200);             final Shape shapei2 = new Shape(img2);           shapei2.showOnDiagram(diagram);             la.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler(){                @Override              public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {                   boundaryPanel.add(img, 100,100);                   shapei.showOnDiagram(diagram);              }             });           la2.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler(){                    @Override                  public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {                         con.showOnDiagram(diagram);                  }                 });               diagram.addDiagramListener(new DiagramListenerAdapter() {                  @Override                public void onElementConnect(ElementConnectEvent event) {                  if (con.startEndPoint.isGluedToConnectionPoint()) {                      Widget connected = con.startEndPoint.gluedConnectionPoint.parentWidget;                      if(connected.equals(shapei.connectedWidget)){                    Image logo = new Image("images/xor.svg");                    logo.setSize("100", "100");                    boundaryPanel.add(logo);                  }                      else if(connected.equals(shapei2.connectedWidget)){                           Image logo2 = new Image("images/and.svg");                        logo2.setSize("100", "100");                        boundaryPanel.add(logo2);                      };                }}              });    }}

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