Sunday, June 26, 2016

Re: GWT Super dev mode not detecting changes in inherited modules

i cant get this to work, i used the archtype modular-webapp to create a new application, and i was able to to run the application using super dev mode as instructed in the github page, every thing so far worked as expected, i changed something in the entry point of the client module entry point and the changes were applied after i refresh the browser as super dev mode compiled the changes.

then i wanted to add a new module i have implemented and installed into my local maven repo, this module is a simple GWT jar with sources attached and gwt.xml file, so i added the pom dependency for this module and added the inheritence in client module gwt.xml file, my module worked perfectly so far.

then i made some changes to my own module and when i am done i run mvn clean install over my module to upload the updated artifact to my local maven repo.

here is problem, no matter how much i try, unless i restart the code server and do a full compilation the changes of my module are never applied.

which means the code server is not detecting that my module have been changed.

am i doing anything wrong here?

On Sunday, June 5, 2016 at 9:05:31 AM UTC+3, Thomas Broyer wrote: has 3 multi-module Maven archetypes.

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