Sunday, June 19, 2016

Re: GWT Material Design Addins

Reading your message again I believe I misunderstood your issue. I got nothing rendered, you are referring to invalid UiBinder XML.

Dne středa 11. května 2016 18:07:09 UTC+2 Velusamy Velu napsal(a):
I followed these steps to use the MaterialWindow addin from the gwt-material-addins-1.5.0.jar in an application.
  1. Downloaded gwt-material-addins-1.5.0.jar and added to application's build path in Eclipse.
  2. Added the line <inherits name=""/> in the ..gwt.xml
  3. Added the line xmlns:ma="" in the UiBinder.
  4. Then started adding the line <ma:window.MaterialWindow ui:field="window" width="50%" title="Documents"> in the UiBinder 
But MaterialWindow is not visible to the UiBinder.  Any idea what could be wrong?

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