Saturday, June 25, 2016

element onclick doesn't get fired

I used GWT in one old plain html page. The page has three frames. In one frame, there are three tabs. Tabs share the same content <table> under <div>. If I clicked one tab, the frame got loaded. On table, there are some <td> elements which have onclick attribute. If I clicked <td>, onclick function is invoked. However, If I saved <table> element for each tab when tab is clicked and then later, I append these <table> into <div> after the last tab is clicked. Element <td> with onclick attribute on the first two tables can not be invoked if I switch to them through clicking tab.  But Element <td> with onclick attribute on the last table can be invoked. 

For uninvoked onclick td elements, it is very strange that On Chrome, If I changed onclick attribute, onclick function can be invoked.

Thank you so much!


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