Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Re: GWT-2.8-SNAPSHOT jar questions

1. Why am I picking up  tons of jetty libraries for doing a simple gwt compilation? I could understand the need for the Jetty jars, if I was running the code server, or including the servlet library, but just for compilation...? Seems like this is coming from the gwt-dev.jar?

gwt-dev.jar contains DevMode and also bundles CodeServer (because of older GPE which does not put gwt-codeserver.jar on classpath automatically) and both depend on embedded Jetty. Thats why you have jetty dependencies.

2. When is the validation api in GWT 2.8 going to be upgraded to 1.1.0.Final? 

Probably never if no one contributes it. There is a patch in review that updates Hibernate Validator to 4.3.2 but that is still not validation api 1.1.0, see

If it wouldn't be a feature RequestFactory depends on I think validation support would have been extracted already from GWT into its own project and either let it die or let someone pick it up to maintain it. 

-- J.

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