Thursday, June 30, 2016

Re: Questions about how the GWT obfuscation process works

GWT first optimizes the Java AST, then converts it into a JavaScript AST and optimizes it as well. Once that is done the actual obfuscation is just a simple renaming as far as I know. Its also kind of worthless doing such a compression as you have mentioned because that is exactly what GZIP compression does when activated on your web server. 

The obfuscation is not a standalone tool so you can not run it against any JS library.

In the future it is likely that GWT use a different compiler called J2CL (in development inside Google) which takes the Java code and directly converts it to ES6 JavaScript classes in a way that they are really good understandable by Google Closure Compiler. Then JS optimization + minification will be done by Google Closure Compiler which you can of course use for any JS library as well. So the minification/obfuscation you are seeing today in GWT will likely change in the future.

-- J.

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