Saturday, June 18, 2016

gwt-connectors: How to find out which widgets a connector is conntected?

I have a panel where i can add widgets and connectors. How can I programmatically find out which widgets are connected to other widgets? I have tried the following:
Connector con = new Connector(x, y, 500, y, null, new SectionDecoration(DecorationType.ARROW_SOLID)); = ConnectorStyle.SOLID;  con.showOnDiagram(diagram);    .....  //some Shaped Widgets  ....  if(con.startEndPoint.isGluedToConnectionPoint())                      {                         //add Label to PopUp-Panel                          pop.addChild(label);                       }  .....
the if-condition is not working, but i don't know whats wrong. Can anybody help me? Thanks

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