Friday, September 30, 2011

Testing GWT Touch in Android browsers

I put together a simple applet implementing Touch-related event
handlers on a Canvas element, to test support for Touch in various
browsers on my Android Honeycomb tablet (Toshiba Thrive). I posted
the results on my Wordpress blog:

I was actually somewhat shocked at how bad the results were: of 5
browsers tested (counting Firefox and Firefox Beta separately even
though they behaved identically), none got everything right and only 1
browser, the (Chrome-based) default Android browser, passed 3 out of 4
of my tests. Firefox only passed 1 test, and Opera failed every test.

None of the browsers passed the last test, but to be honest, I can't
really say it was a fair test, since the problem may not even be the
browsers. I set up the Canvas to respond also to mouse events, with a
visual difference between mouse events and touch events, then tried to
use a Bluetooth mouse with the Canvas. All of the browsers seemed to
treat the mouse events as single-touch events. The OS may be sending
these to the browser as touch events, though.

I would like to pass these results along to some of the browser
development forums, too, but I'm not sure which forums would be

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