Thursday, September 29, 2011

GWT Persistence call failing


I started a project with GWT using existing EJB-classes. Those EJB-
classes are inside an own .jar-file but included into the GWT war\WEB-
INF\classes\*.class compiled.

My problem: The EJB-class (ProductHome) is instanciated, but my
EntityManager (bound by @PersistenceContext) remains NULL. The
EntityManager is defined in HomeBase<T> which is extended by

I included the persistence.xhtml from the ejb-project in war\WEB-INF

Why does the PersistenceContext not work in this case? Are there
requirements, I'm missing?

The files:

------ HomeBase<T>
public abstract class HomeBase<T>
@PersistenceContext(unitName="sung_app_kylintv_gwt" ,type =
protected EntityManager entityManager;

------ ProductHome
@Stateless(name = "Product")
public class ProductHome extends HomeBase<ProductEntity> implements
Serializable, Product
protected Option sessionOption;
public boolean createTestEntry()
System.out.println("TEST creating Data BEGIN");

ProductEntity currentProduct = new ProductEntity();
catch(Exception e)
//print out an error message and return false
System.out.println( e.getCause().getMessage() );
return false;
return true;

------ ServiceImpl
public class DatabaseBuilderServiceImpl extends RemoteServiceServlet
implements DatabaseBuilderService
private Product product;

@EJB(mappedName = "sung/app/kylintv/product" )
public void setProduct(Product product)
this.product = product;

public DatabaseBuilderServiceImpl()

public boolean createDefaultDatabaseEntries()
return product.createTestEntry();

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