Thursday, September 29, 2011

Re: Request for help with Request Factory and Spring MVC integration


I have implemented the above method you suggested.

But I am still facing the null pointer issue. I think I am doing
something wrong with the basics.

Instead of Using the DAO layer directly I am trying to implement use
the service layer in between.

The service class is

public class EmployeeServiceImpl implements EmployeeService{

private EmployeeDAO employeeDAO;
public void persist(EmployeeDTO employeeDTO) {
if(employeeDTO == null) {

the interface extended by the service is

public interface EmployeeService {
public void persist(EmployeeDTO employeeDTO);

The employee request class is

@Service(locator = AppServiceLocator.class, value =
public interface EmployeeRequest extends RequestContext {
InstanceRequest<EmployeeProxy, Void> persist();

and I am calling the persist method on the onclick event of a button
in the main html page.

But while debugging I dont find the request reaching the impl class.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Can you pls tell me if the /gwtRequest url pattern will be used by
default for all requests.

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