Friday, September 30, 2011

Re: CellTable Formats Incorrectly on IE9

The easiest way to fix this will be to use specific styles to IE
browser. You append * before the style property, these styles become
specific to IE browser.


*text-align:left <!-- only specific to IE browser -->

*text-align:left <!-- only specific to IE browser -->

S. Abraham
Persist objects directly in GAE

On Sep 30, 5:19 am, drtman <> wrote:
> If I take the example code directly from the GWT API docs for
> CellTable (i.e. the code for an entry point module that creates and
> displays a contact table with a manual list), the table that is
> displayed has no formatting whatsoever on IE9.  It is just simple left-
> justified text with no styling and nothing is selectable.  If I
> replace the CellTable with a DataGrid, only the paging control
> displays.  On Chrome and Firefox these appear to work.  I have tried
> all combinations of styling, tried replacing the CellTable.Resources
> with my own styling, etc., etc. and it never works.
> Is there a trick to making the new data widgets style properly on IE9,
> or is there something I should be looking for that is specific to IE?
> I wish I could just forget about supporting IE with my app, but the
> real world won't let me do that.

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