Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Formatting issue using a TextArea gwt 1.6

We are using a text area to type a letter which is later saved in
The contents saved in database are later populated with values using
the background code in C++ which reads the entire letter and
populates these values and generates a text flie.

The issue is that when we align the data in the text area provided on
the GUI, the alignment gets disturbed when a text file is generated by
C++ code.

We have tried to solve this issue by using tab. This has solved the
issue to some extent but still fails for some letters.

The issue with tab is we find is due to the tab spacing.
For text area is 12 spaces whereas with a standard text file its 8
that seems to be the main cause.

We were able solve this issue to some extent by aligning the letter in
notepad and then copying the contents in test area provided in GUI.

This helped us in generating the test file using the C++ code which is
properly aligned and as expected.
But leaving the alignment on GUI as improper.

We are looking for a solution where both and the text fie generated
the text is aligned properly

The sample letter that we use is as follows , it is properly alligned
in the DB clob but when you see in text area its allignment gets

We are using a similar text area as used here. If u type letter and
format it in notepad and paste it here the alignment gets disturbed
this is the main issue.

Sample letter

Dear Customer,

We would like to intimate we have credited a inward remittance to your
account , the details of the remittances are provided below :-

Account Number : <BeneficiaryAccountNo>
FCY Amount : <FCYAmount>
Foreign Exchange Rate : <FXRate>
LCY Amount : <LCYAmount>
Date of Credits : <CreditDate>
Remitter Name & Address : <RemitterNameAddress>
Purpose of the Remittance : <PurposeRemittance>

Please do not reply to this message. In case of any queries please
feel free to contact as

*Note: Reference Number is the 10 digit unique reference number of
the transaction which starts with 3 and forms part of the narration of
the credit entry.

Thanks & Regards


'This email is transmitted at your request and risk. The information
contained in the email is confidential and may also be privileged. If
you are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately; you
should not copy it for any purpose, nor disclose its contents to any
other persons. The information included with this electronic
communication is not being transmitted by secure means. xxx and its
affiliates have no responsibility for unauthorized access and/or
alteration to this communication, nor for any consequence based on or
arising from your use of information that may have been illegitimately
accessed or altered.'

We expect the letter to be aligned lke below in both the GUI and text
file generated.

Dear Customer,

This is with reference to the xxx Standing Instruction facility
availed of, by you, with us in respect of your xxx account maintained
with xxx, Mumbai.

The current set of instructions maintained with us is to credit
<Percentage> % of inward remittances to the <Currency> account number
<Account Number>.

We request you to kindly confirm the instructions as above. In case
there are any changes from the above maintenances, please inform us to
enable the required changes.

Please note that above credits are governed by xxx any other such
regulations updated from time to time.

Summary of the standing instructions is as below:

<Account Type> : <>
<Remarks> : <>
<Category> : <>
<Account Number> : <>
<Percentage> : <>

In case of any queries please feel free to email at .

This is a computer generated letter and does not require signature

The information contained in this Internet message is confidential and
intended only for the use of the individual or entity identified. If
the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, please
notify us immediately. Any dissemination, distribution1 or copying of
the information contained in this Internet message is strictly

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