Friday, September 30, 2011

Re: GWT Developer Plugin for Firefox 7

I haven't tried it (yet) but what's needed is just to do the same as but for ff70.

If you're not on Linux 32bits though (that's my case, and why I haven't tried it yet), you'd have to download the appropriate Gecko SDK for your platform and unpack it in the plugin-sdks/gecko-sdks/gecko-7.0.0/<platform>, mimicking what's been done for ff60 and/or ff70-on-Linux-32bits.

Otherwise, you're right that "make BROWSER=ff70" should be enough (the README says the ARCH defaults to the one of the machine you run the build on); it'd add support for ff70 for your platform to the prebuilt XPI.

I bet it's a bit different on Windows though.

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