Thursday, September 29, 2011

Newbie question on gradient Button with GWT & CSS

Hi everyone,

I am new to web development but pretty experienced in Java for
standalone desktop application development. So I understand GWT is the
perfect tool for people like me, who can only do a few lines of JS
before getting overwhelmed. Eventually I am going to write a sizable
application with GWT, but for now I am experimenting with various
widgets to get a good feel for the intricacies of GWT. Of course I
have many questions, but my most pressing one is the style
customization of widgets (i.e. a button). How do I use background in
CSS to apply say a gradient to any gwt-Button? For some reason my
Button doesn't show the png image, whereas a Image image = new Image("/
images/gradient.png") will display the file properly. Other CSS
parameters (i.e. height) for gwt-Button ARE affecting the button, so
the css file seems to be incorporated. What am I missing here? Could
someone please just post a CSS/Java code example, where a gradient is
shown on a GWT Button? That'd be awesome. Is there perhaps a good
tutorial/book somewhere on how to customize other widgets (ScrollBars,
TabBars etc)? GWT is great, but the default look, not so much.


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