Friday, September 30, 2011

DataGrid Issue : Deferred binding failed for ''; expect subsequent failures

Hi all,

I just update my GWT version to the newest version : 2.4.
I have tried to create a DataGrid in a DialogBox, and i got the error
below :

[DEBUG] [visu] - Rebinding
[DEBUG] [visu] - Invoking generator
[DEBUG] [visu] - Preparing method nativeHorizontalScrollbarStyle
[DEBUG] [visu] - Parsing CSS stylesheet jar:file:/D:/Documents/
[ERROR] [visu] - Unable to parse CSS
[INFO] [visu] - The following problems were detected
[WARN] [visu] - Line 1 column 12: encountered "_". Was expecting
one of: "}" "+" "-" "," ";" "/" <STRING> <IDENT> <NUMBER> <URL>
[ERROR] [visu] - Deferred binding failed for
expect subsequent failures
[ERROR] [visu] - Uncaught exception escaped

If I replace DataGrid by CellTable, it works great.
Could you please have a look ?

It seems that there is an issue linked to the transparent scrollbar.
It there any possibility to use standard scrollbar instead ?

Thanks in advance !

I have another issue ( smaller ) to report : in the GWT 2.4 javadoc,
the DataGrid object has exactly the same example code as the CellTable
object ->( I suppose that it's a bad copy paste )

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