Thursday, September 29, 2011

Help designing app

Hi guys,

I've read the docs and am itching to get started!! Still unsure about how to put the pieces together though.

So lets say I'm building a site which sells products:

1. I have to display a list of products (divided into categories, each in their own 'pod').
2. A basket that automatically updates as the customer selects products.

What are the constituent parts I would need?

I can see the initial 'drawing' of the screen and the 'pods' that would contains the products. Does the Product class have to be modelled twice? One for the front end and one for the server? Or is it a good practice to make it compatible with both?

When the user selects a product (say the display of the product includes a checkbox), I need to update the product to show a tick in a checkbox (an image) and then update the basket. I don't want the basket to be tied directly to the onclick event of every product so I need to use the event bus concept?

Not sure what the server calls would be in this situation though?

Any help appreciated!



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