Friday, September 30, 2011

Re: [RequestFactory] Updating a proxy

On 30 September 2011 00:54, Thomas Broyer <> wrote:
> Why would BasicUserService ( = GizmoService?) be called if you invoke
> UserRequest#persist(UserProxy) ( = ThingRequest#persist(ThingProxy) ?)

Because BasicUserProxy is part of UserProxy.

> It's hard to follow what you're expecting given that you switched from
> thing/gizmo/setSomething to [something-else]/user/basicUser/set[what?]

I wanted to keep it generic but see below.

> Could you post the actual code that led to the request whose payload you
> posted already?

Here you go:

final UserRequest userRequest =
final UserProxy mutableUser =
final BasicUserProxy mutableBasicUser = mutableUser.getBasicUser();
final int level = mutableBasicUser.getLevel();
final int basicCurrencyDelta = ...;
final int premiumCurrencyDelta = ...;
final int newLevel = level + 1;
final String comment = "Level Up to Level " + newLevel + ".";
final Receiver<Integer> levelUpReceiver = new LevelUpReceiver(...,
mutableUser, comment, basicCurrencyDelta, premiumCurrencyDelta);

LevelUpReceiver's onSuccess simply fires some events, including one
that sends out the by then presumably updated UserProxy (hence the
mutableUser in the constructor).

Given that BasicUserProxy is part of UserProxy, I would expect its
changes to be stored, i.e. I expect the entire object graph that is
UserProxy to be stored (as necessary).

Just to be complete:

@ProxyForName(value = "", locator =
public interface UserProxy extends EntityProxy
BasicUserProxy getBasicUser();
void setBasicUser(BasicUserProxy basicUser);
... a few others ...

@ProxyForName(value = "", locator =
public interface BasicUserProxy extends EntityProxy
int getLevel();
void setLevel(int level);
... a few others ...

In very short pseudo code, what I want to happen is the following:

User.BasicUser.Level := User.BasicUser.Level + 1;
Persist User (or BasicUser, I don't care);
Make sure that User.BasicUser.Level == BasicUser.Level, i.e. User's
BasicUser should be the newly updated one.

(I've tried persisting User but then BasicUser's changes are ignored;
persisting BasicUser works but then User references an outdated
BasicUser; I tried using the Editor framework but that didn't make any
difference either.)

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