Thursday, September 29, 2011

Re: Are there any libraries for highlighting/pointing to/selective disabling of widgets?

That looks pretty cool, although I've only seen the source code and not seen it working. I've not seen or heard of anything like that (for swing or web) before, but I don't see why you couldn't do it in javascript. You can't do the glass pane in quite the same way as you've done there with Swing. I think you'd have to use multiple glass panes that together leave the holes you want. And you'd have to make sure that you updated your glass panes when a widget changed size during user interaction, but it ought to be doable.

Drawing over the top of an arbitrary web page would be possible, but limited. I don't think you could use a canvas (but I may be wrong), but you can always draw horizontal or vertical lines, and put arrow heads on them and lay other images over the top wherever you want.

You could try finding a general javascript library to do something like this, but I think it should be possible to achieve the effect you're after with GWT.

Do you have a working demo of your swing tutorial lib?


On 28/09/11 16:09, wrote:
> We have a Swing library (
> trunk/java/src/uk/ac/lkl/common/ui/jft/) that is useful for
> implementing interactive tutorials and programmatic interface
> interventions (e.g. 'intelligent' help). We are wondering if there is
> anything close that works for GWT Widgets. The kinds of actions we
> need include temporarily greying out and disabling most of the
> interface while highlighting the part of the interface we want to the
> user to focus on and use, drawing arrows, talk balloons, and thought
> bubbles to explain or reference Widgets, and the like.

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