Monday, November 29, 2010

Testing RESTful services using GWTTestCase

Hi folks,

what I want to do are two simple things:
1. Mock a RESTFul Api using a servlet.
2. Use that mock inside a GWTTestCase that retrieves data from that
servlet and does some meaningful testing.

I am running here into a lot of problems where the servlet is not
started from the GWTTestCase, where the web.xml is not loaded and so
on. Using a different server is not working either, because of the
same origin policy of the built-in jetty.

I stumbled across some nice posts from Alex Moffat:

But I guess this information is outdated because of the tomcat references.

So. My question is: Does anybody use GWTTestCase to test GWT modules
against a "real" RESTFul web service (mocked as described above - but
running on the server). Or is this not a intended use case?



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