Monday, November 29, 2010

GWT MVP how to map a Composite Place to its corresponding Activities

Hello Everyone,

Roo scaffolding creates ProxyPlace and ProxyListPlace.
ProxyPlace is good if we need to deal with one EntityProxy at a time.

in a more complex situation, where view might be consisted of multiple
panels, many EntitiyProxies might be needed to populate those panels,
and to make history/bookmark working those EntityProxies must be added
to to the history token.

MyCompositePlace extends Place {

EntityProxyId<FooEntityProxy> firstEntityProxyId;
EntityProxyId<BarEntityProxy> barEntityProxyId;
EntityProxyId<BazEntityProxy> bazEntityProxyId;


and this composite place is used like this:
placeController.go(new MyCompositePlace( id1, id2, id3));

and we have to implement the Tokenizer, spliting the history token,
and processing etc ....

in ActivityMapper, there is a getActivity method

Activity getActivity(Place place)

in the case of CompositePlace, how can we decompose the Composite
Place into its places, and map them to corresponding activities ?

getActivity returns only one activity, but in the case of composite
place, we need to return for example 3 activities.

in short, how can we map a Composite Place to its corresponding
Activities ?

please help !

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