Monday, November 29, 2010

Re: GWT 2.1 Activities – nesting? YAGNI ? - an example of where you NEED it !

Do you need to think of each area on the left and right as independent
activities? can you, instead, create just one area for the left and
have it be made of multiple widgets. So instead of having a full
activity, you create each box area as it's own widget?

So you would have one main activity for each major area with one view
and could have multiple widgets that accomplish what your individual
activities could?

or maybe, and this may just retarded of me to think, create an
activity that kinda wraps many other activities:

private act1
private act2
private act3
private WorkspaceWidget wsw

wsw.add(act1, eventBus)
wsw.add(act2, eventBus)


add(WorspaceChildActivity act, EventBus){
//get the correct view area to add this activity into
//do all the necessary things to correctly wrap this widget
//do we allow resize width? do we allow rezise total height
// if so are there certain activities that we want to flag as not
act.start(viewArea, eventBus);

and have a WorspaceChildActivity extends AbstractActivity that other
activities that you want to wrap extend this class, abstract class

This probably doesn't make any sense and probably violates many
things, it is basically making an activity act as an awkward activity
manager bundled together with too much control over the UI

On Nov 29, 5:44 pm, zixzigma <> wrote:
> the article also argued, that having the same size/fixed regions leads
> to consistent layout.
> in the case of Fixed "WIDTH", that is true.
> but if your regions have sub-regions, the sizing is no longer the
> Width, but rather the HEIGHT.
> our WEST region, can have WEST_NORTH, WEST_MAIN, WEST_SOUTH,
> and the "HEIGHT" of these sub-regions might required to be different
> in different workspaces.
> in one workspace, WEST_NORTH height could be 100px, while WEST_SOUTH
> height is 300px, in another workspace, different Height size.
> having different heights, while maintaining the same width, is STILL
> with the approach suggested in the article posted above,
> one has to add additional West Regions, to accommodate for the use
> case described above,
> resulting in ActivityManagers/Mappers/Code size to grow
> exponentially !

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