Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best practises in automatic test and deployment


I am using GWT now for half a year now and the project is growing and
growing. Now I am looking for some good tools which help me with
deploying my application automaticly in a tomcat test server and later
on the production server. For now I am doing this with the build
artifacts function of IntelliJ which is good but not what i am looking

I already found tools like maven and Hudson CI which could help me
with that.

What I am still missing is a automatic way of generating war files
which are deployed on the test server(with different properties like
db connection and user) and after the commitment from the test team it
will deployed on the production server automaticly. Is there something
or can this handled by maven as well? Furhter i am looking for an
automatic way of running our sql files when they changed on the db
server before deploying the gwt application.

I am not very familiar with these kind of tools so I thought it would
be a good idea to ask you guys as this should be a challenge for some
of you.

Thanks a lot,

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