Monday, November 29, 2010

Re: What is the best way to render complex cell?

> We plan to introduce UiBinder for Cells in a future version of GWT,
> hopefully GWT 2.2.


I was mulling that the flyweight-ness of cells would allow them to be
used within the static/no-iteration nature of ui.xml files.

The current API seems like it might need to change though--take
ActionCell, which takes the ActionCell.Delegate as a cstr parameter. If
UiBinder creates the ActionCell, it seems like a more traditional
ActionHandler would be easier to hook up after cell creation with
with @UiHandler or a cell.addActionlHandler method.

Unless ActionCells used provided=true I guess.

A HTMLPanel-ish cell would also be great.

> We want Cells to be a complete replacement for Widgets,

Interesting--only within iteration-based UI components (lists/tables),
or across the board?

- Stephen

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