Monday, November 29, 2010

Request.cancel doesn't work for me!


I'm working on an GWT-App displaying a map with different layers.
Some of those layers are drawn just on request and just for the part
of the map which is currently displayed.

The Problem occurs if a user moves and zooms the map pretty fast, so
that a lot of pictures have to be drawn. This results in quite a time
of waiting when he finally stops. What I tried was to cancel the
request using Request.cancel (the Async Method returns Request instead
of void), but all the pictures are drawn anyway.

How does the Request.cancel-method work? Is it just blocking the
Callback? Or does it actually cancel the running code on server-side?
Maybe the problem is, that the specific method contains mainly one
complex method-call? The specific method-scheme looks like:

public Boolean update() {
int a = 2;
int b = 3;

int x = imExpensive(a,b); // method which needs like 95% of
calculating time

if (x>0) return true;
return false;

I suppose that the Request.cancel-method does not cancel a running
method, and stops the method right after imExpensive(). Is that right?
In that case the problem could be solved by making the method
imExpensive less complex, which would be a pretty doable task ...

Thanks a lot!

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