Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Problem showing NotificationMole

I am trying to use com.google.gwt.user.client.ui.NotificationMole
inside a FlowPanel:

<g:FlowPanel ui:field="layoutContainer"
<g:FlowPanel ui:field="glassPanel" styleName="{style.glassPanel}">
<g:NotificationMole ui:field="notifier" animationDuration="0"
message="This is a Notification"></g:NotificationMole>
<g:FlowPanel ui:field="contentPanel"></g:FlowPanel>

In my java:
public void showNotification(String msgToDisplay){
GWT.log("Showing notifier");
notifier.show("first: "+msgToDisplay);

However cannot see the mole appear.
I can see the divs inserted for the mole... but their properties seem
not set (display:none and width:0px) to show.

<div class="GCVVHNDIH" style="display: block; background-color: rgb(0,
0, 0); opacity: 0.25; width: 100%; height: 408px; ">
<div class="GCVVHNDMH">
<div class="GCVVHNDLH" style="width: 0px; display: none; ">
<span class="GCVVHNDNH">first: Making the RPC Call... </
span> </div> </div></div></div></div>

Am I missing something here??


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