Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: .cache.html file size got double after upgrading to GWT 2.1 from 1.7

There's probably something that's not getting pruned by the compiler
(dead code eliminated) that was before as a result of modifications
you had to make to use 2.1 or perhaps a difference in the compiler in

I'd use the Story of Your Compile (SOYC) output to check and see
what's getting included and see if there's something that's getting
sucked in that shouldn't be.

On Nov 29, 2:45 pm, Jewel <toje...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are developing a small application using gwt 1.7.1. The GWT
> compiler is generating .chache.html file for 6 permutation each one
> having size around 1 mega bytes. Wen we upgraded the gwt version to
> 2.1 suddenly we observed that the size of the .cache.html file got
> increased to 2.8 mega bytes for all the permutations.
> We are using following libraries,
> gxt,
> GwtFacebook,
> gwt-dnd,
> gwt-voices,
> I have searched over this groups but haven't got anyone with same
> problem. Does anyone have any idea, what the problem can be? We are
> not getting any clue.
> Thanks.

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